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Adolescent Residential Treatment- Sunrise RTC

Here is another I recently visited. It is called Sunrise Residential Treatment Center in Hurricane, Utah. Sunrise RTC serves adolescent girls ages 13-17 who have deep emotional challenges that have caused them to make some unhealthy choices in life.

Sunrise RTC best serves adolescent girls who struggle with any of the following-


Chemical dependency

Mental illness



Low self-esteem

During their treatment at Sunrise, girls can participate in-

Service-learning activities

courses at local college

team sports

Art and music


and have a number of fun outdoors and recreational experiences

While at Sunrise RTC, girls participate in a DBT program and continue their academic studies while living on a campus right outside of Saint George. It is a beautiful setting surrounded by canyons, state and national parks.

If you are currently working with or know of an adolescent girl who you feel may benefit by enrolling at Sunrise RTC,, contact Marcy Clark in admissions at or call (855) 410-9081. You can also refer your family directly to me, Oakes Hunnewell, at Hunnewell Education Group. I would be happy to answer any questions they may have about this or any other program relating to teen and/or young adults. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 720-388-9616 or 781-697-7075.

2 comentarios

05 abr 2022

Until you stop working with Mormon child abusers like Sunrise and Evoke we will encourage people to boycott your business.

We will continue to fight the good fight against Mormon RTCs and Wilderness programs. People with such bizarre, bigoted, and disproven beliefs shouldn’t be “helping” children.

Shame on you!

Me gusta

25 mar 2022

Why are so many of these places in Utah? The lack of regulations? Religion? Mormons have some bizarre beliefs. It’s crazy because Joseph Smith is a proven fraud. Bigotry and discrimination are rampant at these places. Mormons believe that being LGTBQ is a sin and non-whites aren’t white because of sin.

Are these the people who should be helping troubled children? Especially when the children never asked for their help?

Me gusta
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