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Many international students choose to come to the United States to study at the best boarding schools and universities in the world. At Hunnewell Education Group we have helped students from over 30 countries find the most challenging and diverse educational institutions in America.


Additionally, many students wish to have an international experience. Whether it be in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada or South America our team has assisted in finding students opportunities to travel, learn and live in foreign countries. 


Some younger students show interest in spending a summer or even a school year in a foreign country. There are a few programs that accommodate high school-aged students and we are well versed on the numerous options available.


College students may choose to spend a summer, semester or year abroad while others may wish to apply to a foreign university as degree-seeking students.  


Through our extensive travels, we have visited many campuses abroad and are prepared to guide students and their families in choosing the right program or university.  

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