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In choosing the right college, students often feel overwhelmed with the number of choices. Colleges and Universities vary greatly in size and location. Some have unique course offerings or strengths in certain fields while others offer specialized programs for students with particular needs. Many are now experimenting with innovative academic calendars to make room for study abroad or experiential learning, such as internships or mini semesters.


Much of our time is spent visiting colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad. We believe that the only way to truly get to know a school is by walking around the campus, seeing what goes on in the classrooms and speaking directly to admissions representatives. Our goal is not only to learn about an institution’s academic programs but to get a sense of its culture by seeing the students interact in and out of the classroom.


When providing college counseling, we sit down with our students to discuss their many options.  We listen to what they are looking for and suggest the right college environment for them. We not only consider what their academic interests are but who they are as individuals--their personal history, their likes and dislikes and other character traits. Once we have come up with a list of schools, we help students reach their highest potential as candidates by assessing their strengths and weaknesses and offering a plan of action to improve their chances for admission.

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