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Day School

Students are often seeking more academic, athletic and extracurricular opportunities in a smaller environment where they can be both supported and challenged. 


At Hunnewell Education Group, we provide an individualized approach to our clients with our extensive knowledge of the full range of private elementary, middle and secondary school programs. 


We begin by assisting students and parents to clarify their educational goals and priorities. We then help develop and implement a plan of action. The plan of action is wide-ranging and includes a timetable, guiding students and parents through the application process, essay review, and personally preparing students and parents for campus visits and interviews.  

Additionally, we are able to provide advice and referrals for psychological educational evaluations and recommend trusted professional tutors for TOEFL, ISEE, SSAT, ACT and SAT preparation.


Our goal is to identify and match each student’ s strengths and interests with the appropriate Day school.  

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