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Therapeutic & Learning Differences

Hunnewell Education Group specializes in helping families whose children have mild, moderate to severe learning differences which include executive functioning needs, verbal and auditory processing challenges, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


We approach each of our clients with compassion, empathy and objectivity with an understanding that sometimes their family systems have been challenged and/or compromised. Often, this represents the first time they have become aware of mild to moderate learning differences. Other times, families are faced with more acute cognitive diagnoses and non-verbal learning disabilities.  


We work closely with professionals to help families clarify and diagnose specific learning differences and recommend appropriate tutors, schools, summer and long-term residential programs for each student. 


Our goal is to better understand our clients’ strengths and challenges. We can then recommend appropriate resources to meet their academic, social and emotional objectives.

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