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About HunnewellEd

Hunnewell Education Group, LLC is an educational Consulting firm with offices in Boston and Natick, MA as well as Denver Colorado.  We are passionate that all students can achieve, given the right resources, culture and environment. As educational consultants, our goal is to help families find a place where their student(s) can thrive academically, emotionally and socially.


Throughout the year, we travel extensively to schools, colleges, and therapeutic programs to meet with representatives, experience campus life and talk to enrolled students. We sit down with families and students to assess which schools are best for them and how to maximize their chances for acceptance. We also advise on extra-curricular summer programs and gap year opportunities.  


In addition, we provide our students with tutoring in all subject areas, including study skills and organizational best practices.  


Through experience, access, and advocacy, Hunnewell Education Group provides clear direction to meet our student’s needs and to encourage them to explore their interests/goals with confidence and enthusiasm. 

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