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Summer Enrichment and Exploration- How to make the most of your summers

Dear Sophomores and Juniors,

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I hope that you have some fun plans with friends and/or relatives. At this point, I am meeting with each one of you individually to build your resumes. If you haven’t heard from me yet, I will be making my rounds so expect an email/text.

Also, right about now until January is a good time to think about summer enrichment and exploration programs to make the most of your summers, if you are interested. Summer is a time for fun and exploration. If you have academic, volunteer and/or career related interests, you should start making plans. Many programs have application deadlines. Depending on how competitive they are, these deadlines could be just around the corner. Most, however, have deadlines that are a few months away. It doesn’t hurt to plan, however. Below is a list of programs/internships with some links that may be of interest to you. Please don’t feel obligated to enroll in a program or internship. These are enrichment opportunities. Most are fee based. However, some are free and even offer stipends. As you can imagine, the ones with stipends tend to be the most competitive. Please keep in mind that there are many other programs out there. However, many on the list below have either been vetted by former students of mine or have reputations that precede them.

US Senate Page Program- no fee

Junior Statesmen of America- - fee

National Institute of Standards and Technology- - no fee

Foreign Policy Research Institute- - no fee

Fidelity Boundless- Boundless | Fidelity Asset Management | Fidelity Careers -open to women- paid position

Babson Entrepreneurial summer program- - on-line- fee

Amherst College Summer Great Books program- - fee

Embry Riddle Summer Aerospace program- - fee

Boston University Summer- - fee for some/no fee/stipend

Wolfeboro Camp School- - fee

Volunteer World- - fee

Earthwatch Institute- Homepage | (Dev) Earthwatch – fee

National Parks Service- - volunteer and paid positions

High Mountain Institute- Summer | High Mountain Institute ( - fee

Please also consider the following-

1. Volunteer opportunities in your community

2. Employment over the summer. Working for a paycheck is good experience. It requires independence and responsibility.

3. Please also consult with your own personal networks (ie. Friends, relatives and colleagues) for possible internships and other summer opportunities.

We can explore other opportunities as well. I will reach out to you individually to meet and discuss. Please also feel free to schedule an appointment by clicking on the Calendly link here or at the bottom of this email.

All the best,

Oakes Hunnewell, M.Ed.

Founder and Partner

Hunnewell Education Group, LLC


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