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College Admissions Season is Crazier than Ever

Another crazy application cycle has seen records broken from previous years. The culprit? Well, there are many factors. However, taking standardized testing out of the equation or, atleast, no longer being a requirement, has increased many universities' applicant numbers. Where previously students would shy away from applying to some universities because of their test scores, they are now shooting for the moon with their GPAs and extra-curriculars. As long as universities continue to make testing optional or, in the UC system's case, not even considered, the numbers will continue to rise at the more/most selective universities in the US.

On the flip side, many colleges and universities that have never been household names have experienced the opposite. Their application numbers have decreased. Some of the the smaller, less known, liberal arts colleges are even flirting with the idea of closing their doors.

Many critics of standardized testing are now wishing for their return, atleast, in some form. Some universities have publicly stated that they will re-instate testing as a requirement beginning 2023-24.

Below is a link to a Wall Street Journal article that explores this phenomenon and what to expect in coming years in greater detail. It is a good read.


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