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"I really enjoyed working with Oakes in the sense that I was not disregarded as a twenty-something with pipe-dreams, but rather told how to get my dreams out of the pipes and into reality. There was also a nice balance of opinion and knowledge being passed back and forth on different ideas about schools and programs, and I felt as if we made progress with each conversation."    - Rosie, School for International Training

"Oakes took all the stress away. I was able to enjoy my daughter's company knowing that she was on top of things."    - Parent of Sally, Bucknell University

"Both my brother and sister were good at school and went off to great places. I wasn't like that and thought that college was probably not in my cards...until I met Oakes."    - Tom, Whittier College

"I hated where I was. It was too big and there was nothing to do in town. I thought I was stuck there because it was instate and affordable. Oakes helped me find my perfect school. Not only is it in the coolest town but I got a scholarship that made it reasonable."    - Jessica, Ithaca College

"When Daniel was ready for college, we went to Oakes. Please note: Oakes put Daniel's wants, dreams and desires as top priority. We, his parents, had our own ideas (a Christian school) which Oakes blended together with Daniel's preferences. Oakes talked Daniel into a smaller school and to his credit he said he would try it. Oakes gave us a list of possible schools and we visited them. The college Daniel chose was in Florida, had strong Business major programs and was small. With the size of the school, Daniel got the help and instruction he needed from his professors and would never have gotten from a big University. I am happy to say that Daniel chose a school that was perfect for him."    - Parent of Daniel, Florida Southern College