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Post-Graduate Year

What is a 5th year of high school?

A fifth year of high school or a PG year is an extra year of high school. These programs take placeEmpty at some boarding schools. Depending on the size of the program, PG students often take separate courses, especially in areas such as English and History. These students are expected to abide by the same rules that all other students follow. They may be given a later check in time to their dorms at some schools.

There are really two different students who fit the profile of a PG candidate. The first is a student who suddenly realized the importance of good grades. Unfortunately, he/she realized this senior year. The PG year, would allow the senior year to be evaluated as a junior year by colleges. The second is a student/athlete who wishes to play a sport at a competitive level in college. They may wish to spend an extra year honing in on their skills or may need that year to grow into their bodies. Also, colleges may stipulate that the student/athlete will be admitted if he/she completes the PG year.